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An up-to-date list of the video games that Brandon and I own for various systems.

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Tamaki - D: {Ouran HSHC}
New Year Resolutions!!!

I didn't follow any of mine from last year. XD Haha, which was mostly finishing games each month. The ONLY game I finished (that I remember) was Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for the PSP. Lets try it again this year~!

Soo, my resolutions for the year are:

  • Finish more video games!!

  • Write!!

  • Find a hobby.

  • Post more here and on tumblr.

  • Finish watching anime that I've started~!

Crappy resolutions but there's nothing serious that I can think of. XD

I got a job recently! I started a bit before Thanksgiving Day. I work with former GameStop employees in retro game selling~~ Haha. Back to selling video games! Oh well, I enjoy selling games, so it's perfect for me! The store's called OldSkool and they opened up a second store in Suffolk. I'm being trained to be the 3rd key holder... Though I have a rival named Felicia!! Though, she doesen't have keys at the moment. XDD The store manager gave 'em to me because of my position from GameStop. Felicia didn't have a similar position, so that's why they gave me the keys.

Since I now have a job, that means I earn money again!! I'm trying to have a "major" purchase each month... Like for instance, this month is a new phone (*is getting the Samsung Galaxy S3*), next month is either a 3DS (because Fire Emblem comes out!!) or a new laptop (so I can play FFXI and other MMOs again in April). Can't~~ wait!! I'm going to try and get my phone next week! Though I get paid today, lol.

Um, outside all that randomness above, nothing too big has happened. I guess my next post will be about the new fandoms I entered. XD Trying to keep this one a little short. BUT I know I failed. XD

Anyways, I should be heading to bed. I have work in the afternoon. :3
I kinda miss it here... Maybe I should look around again and see what's going on!

Happy New Year!!

Kadota & Co. {Durarara!!}
Happy New Year, everyone! Lets see if 2013 will turn out to be memorable and entertaining~ (unlike my previous few).


Masamune {Sengoku Basara}
Haha, it looks like I abandoned my journal, huh? Well, not really. I visit my friend list like every other day and whatnot. I just have nothing really fun to talk about. XDD


It's not like I have nothing better to do... But work. ¬.¬

Note to Self

Anthy {SKUtena movie}
I have now dubbed thee month: Suikoden Month. Time for me to replay all the Suikoden games that were released in North America. (I've finished all the Suikoden games, but Tierkries. So that would be a restart and finish!) I'm going to start tomorrow~ with Suikoden I. I'm right there at the end of the game with all 108 stars. :3 (lol, I know... I said I'll replay all of them but I started that last month and just been too lazy to finish.)

So tomorrow's checklist is as follows~
[ ] Do chores.
[ ] Continue leveling my second character on DCUO (PS3 server). Scratch that. Brandon's home tomorrow because he worked Sunday. So no TV (in the living room) time for me. D:
[ ] Finish Suikoden I.
[ ] Continue writing the bios for my Facebook RPG characters.
[ ] Reread my current script for Reel Emotion. Try to continue with the story.

I'll probably also sit down and think of what next month's game theme will be. One of my New Year's resolutions for this year is to finish all my video games. Almost ALL of my collection are games that I have not completed. XD So this is going to be fun!

And I sat down today and realized I have most of all the numbered Final Fantasy games. I'm missing IV-VI & XIII-2 atm. XD I'll probably buy those before I do a Final Fantasy themed month. (I'll probably break that themed month into two/three months... Depends on what games I schedule in what months.)

Oh... and next week. Fangirling. HARDCORE. Hakuoki is being released in English on the PSP. My limited edition is paid in full~ <3 But that'll have to wait till after I'm done with all the Suikoden games!


Anthy {SKUtena movie}
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