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A List of Manga --- Part 03

Anthy {SKUtena movie}
The last part of the manga collection: Series that are on hiatus/unknown/possibly completed? in Japan. Also, the manga that we're gonna stop collecting.. might give them away to people, might sell them. We haven't figured it out yet. ^^

Hiatus/Unknown/Possibly Completed Series
Alichino 1-3 (Supposedly completed with volume 4.)
Descendants of Darkness 1 (On hiatus, in Japan, I think. But I still need to catch up to the available volumes.)
Hibiki's Magic 1-2 (On hiatus in Japan.)
Kanpai! 1-2 (Not sure on this... because there's room for more story.)
Kedamono Damono 1-3 (On hiatus in Japan.)
Legal Drug 1-3 (I believe it's on hiatus from CLAMP.)
Millenium Snow 1-2 (Might possibly be more, said the creator.)
Ragnarok 1-10 (Not sure what's up with this.. but there's a preview for volume 11..)
Sequence 1 (There's more story to this.. b/c there's more chapters to it.)
X-Men: Misfits 1 (Canceled series from Del Ray.)

Decided to Stop Collecting
Negima!? 1-18
Negima!? Neo 1
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 1-15
Wild Ones 1-9 (Gave to Joy~)
Xxxholic 1-11


Anthy {SKUtena movie}
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